Dissymmetry EP

by Dissymmetry

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Dissymmetry's debut EP features five dark, melodic thrash metal tracks, each telling a tale of certain oblivion from a unique perspective.


released April 12, 2019



all rights reserved



Dissymmetry Montreal, Québec

Dissymmetry is a dark melodic thrash band in Montréal.

Ace Baldwin – Vocals /Rhythm Guitar
Johnny Kayrouz – Lead Guitar
Frank Vigneault – Bass
Pouria Parsinejad – Drums

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Track Name: Mad History
Tell me, if your life
Flashed before your eyes
Pain and travesty
Would the words mean anything

Hate philosophy
Autocratic creed
Poisoning our minds
Leave the vulnerable behind

I don’t need your
Mad history
There’s no justice

Let the fire fall

When you close your eyes
Can you sleep at night
Knowing it’s for show
When you say you care, we know

Books of breaking bread
Fallacy in my head
How can we make nice
For years of torture pay the price

I lost my mind
When they said you lied

Tell me, if your life
Flashed before your eyes
Would you make it right
Would you make it right
Track Name: The Colonel's Affliction
The battle rages on, but I am broken
The deaths of slayers past live on
Is it the thrill of war that feeds me
Or do I crave a life reborn

Born and bred to fight, another life
The bringer of strife...I am

My life’s work, my promise
My enemies vanquished

The target flees the field of battle
I give him chase, and draw my blade
The emulation nearly bests me
When your hand comes to my aid

I have been confined, reliving life
Is this a sign of death

Your reality, it reaches me
When I’m set free, I’ll look for you

The journey awaits me
You will say you’re sorry
Track Name: Erase the Future
We’re crashing into a void of no return; we feel it
Nothing but static fills my eyes
No hesitation: there’s no time for anywhere but forward
We do our best and then we die

Here at the edge
Of what we know as space and time
Far from the earth
This is our home
Where the stars collide

Miracle! we need
Erase the future and let them bleed
Ordinance recede
Soldiers, your life belongs to the creed

Our shield’s raised, though we know it will not last the hour
All our defenses are in vain
But what remains is our will to fight, our pride, our fervour
We’re going in to make it rain

In position
But hand in hand inside our minds
Far from the past
From what we love
We are most alive

These final hours
All that remains of our lives
No going back
This is our call
Calamitous goodbye
Track Name: Tomb of Time
Breathing signs of life, well as you can
Your intelligence, not fully man
What you ask of me, I don’t understand
What am I to do

What is life and death that speaks to me
How far do I go into your hypocrisy

O ancient tomb of time
Can you restore life to a mind
Relic of a world sublime
Evidence awaits inside (we await it)

When leadership erodes, who can we trust
I don’t even know who’s one of us
I do this for you, and no one else
On my gun I’ll fall

I carry inside your smile reborn
Unto this pilgrimage my very life is sworn

What is life and death that speaks to me
If it’s for naught then here I will set you free

Standing at the tomb of time
Can you restore life to a mind
Relic of a world sublime
Evidence awaits inside (we await it)

Standing at the tomb of time

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